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Cueen India

Cueen Waterless Fabric/Shoe Cleansing Foam

Cueen Waterless Fabric/Shoe Cleansing Foam

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Remove The Toughest Stains Without Doing Laundry!

Say Bye-Bye To Stains💥 With Cueen Waterless Fabric Cleansing Foam

Instant Stain Removal ⚡️

 Experience the magic of Cueen Waterless Fabric Cleansing Foam as it effortlessly tackles spills & stains on fabrics, leaving them fresh & spotless with just a quick application.
This liquid formula is ideal for eliminating tough stains & odors.

No Water Needed 💦

Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional washing methods. With Cueen Waterless Fabric Cleansing Foam, there's no need for water – simply apply & watch the stains disappear.

Time-Saving 🕧

Enjoy more time for what matters most. Cueen Waterless Fabric Cleansing Foam offers a speedy solution to remove stains, sparing you from the lengthy washing & drying process.

Easy To Use 🙌

Cueen Waterless Fabric Cleansing Foam is a game-changer in fabric care. Say goodbye to stains & spills as this quick & convenient solution refreshes your fabrics instantly, saving you time and hassle.

Just spray & wipe, this is the choice for a stress-free cleaning experience.

Fast-Acting Formula 👍

This natural-based formula is incredibly fast-acting does not leave behind a greasy, sticky, or filmy residue like other cleaners or soaps.

It is ideal for eliminating tough stains & odors in all fabric items such as clothes, shoes, gym bags, sofas, baseball caps, helmets, & more.

For Clothing, Shoes, Bags 👟

Cueen Waterless Fabric Cleansing Foam is formulated for use on helmets, clothing, shoes, sofas, gym bags, & even washers. As a deodorizer, stain remover, & washing machine cleaner.

Why Are So Many People Loving Cueen Waterless Fabric Cleansing Foam?

 Instant Stain Removal: The foam works quickly to lift & dissolve the marks, leaving your fabrics looking clean and fresh.

✅ No Water Required: It's a foam based cleanser and does not require water to clean.

✅ On-The-Go Convenience: Carry it in your bag, backpack, or car, and you'll have a quick solution to tackle stains.

 Gentle On Fabric: Whether it's delicate silk, cotton, or synthetic materials, the foam won't damage or discolor your favorite garments.

 Versatile: It can be used on a wide range of fabric items, such as upholstery, linens, curtains, & more.

 Odor Control: Cueen Waterless Fabric Cleansing Foam includes deodorizing properties, leaving your fabrics not only clean but also smelling fresh & pleasant.

Product Specifications

👉🏼 Product Dimensions: 28 x 5 x 5 cm
👉🏼 Item Weight: 500 Grams

How To Use?

Step 1: Before applying the foam, shake the can thoroughly to ensure the formula is well-mixed and ready for use.

Step 2: Spray foam directly onto the stained or dirty area of the fabric. Make sure to cover the entire stain with the foam.

Step 3: Allow the foam to sit on the fabric for a few seconds or as per the product's instructions.

Step 4: Using a clean cloth or sponge, gently rub or blot the stained area.

Step 5: Use a clean & dry cloth to wipe away any excess foam & residue from the fabric.

Step 6: Leave the fabric to air dry, & the foam will evaporate, leaving the fabric clean & refreshed.

Repeat if Necessary: For stubborn stains, you may need to repeat the process.

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