Investor Relations

Cueen was conceptualised during Feb 2023, and our store went live on Feb 15, 2023

We've been growing month-on-month with average overall daily sales ranging from Rs 100,000-300,000, and steadily growing towards the coveted 1 Crore/month mark.

Apart from Cueen Store, our parent entity PepperHash also encompasses MenX, and a few other D2C brands.geared towards specific segments.

We had received Rs 30 lakhs of pre-seed funding for Cueen Store to kick-off our journey by Om Thoke, one of the renowned ecom marketers, and angel investors in Indian startup eco-system.

Likewise, our other stores have got similar pre-seed funding in range of 20-30 lakhs, summing up to $100k (Rs 82 lakhs) at overall valuation of $1M for the conglomerate PepperHash.

We've an extended commitment of $250,000 (2 crores) towards marketing spends by a few private angels, at current valuation of $4M

With current ARR of $1.5M (Rs 12 crores approx), we're in the process of extending this seed round to $600,000 (5 Crores INR) at $4M (33 crores) valuation

Interested stakeholders and potential investors may reach out to us -