A Guide to Buying the Perfect Shapewear Bodysuit for Women

A Guide to Buying the Perfect Shapewear Bodysuit for Women

Whether you are flaunting your figure in a high-waisted jeans with a sleek body suit or a bodycon dress, smooth curves and snatched waists don’t come easy for a majority of women. But thanks to shapewear, you can get a little help when squeezing into your favorite figure-hugging clothes. 

When you wear a shapewear bodysuit to feel confident while attending a special event, it obviously empowers you to feel and look fabulous. Shapewear is available in different compression levels from overall compression that sucks you in to light smoothing. If you are out in the market to buy it for the first time, this guide can help you make the perfect choice.

Select the Right Size

Remember to choose the right size. Many women think that buying a shapewear of smaller size will make them look slimmer. However, this isn’t true. Such a shapewear will make you look bulkier causing discomfort and extra bulges. If you don’t feel comfortable on the inside, it will obviously show up on the outside. So, choose an accurate size. 

Go for Low-Stretch Fabrics

For a sleep and sculpted effect, choose a fabric that is fairly low-stretch. If the fabric is highly stretchable, it is likely to move more with your body and lower the compression. Go for shapewears made of microfiber (a blend of nylon and polyester) and spandex or lycra as this is the key for getting the right comfort level, compression, and fit. 

Know Your Target Area

What will suit you best? No salesperson can tell you this. You should know your body best if you want to make the right choice. Analyze your body and find your target area where you need shaping and smoothing. Protruding tummy, heavy bust, or heavy thighs - it is easier to choose the right type of shapewear if you know your target area. 

Know Your Body Shape

Apple, pear, rectangle, or hourglass - what is your body shape? If you know this, it goes a long way in helping you pick the right shapewear. For instance, someone with an hourglass body type should go for high rise briefs or a waist cincher to accentuate the waist area. If you want to tone your whole body, you can pick a full body suit. 

We hope this helps you get clarity on all your reservations about a shapewear bodysuit and help you choose the right one for your individual needs. 

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