Electric Head Lice Remover: The Most Effective Solution for Lice Removal

Electric Head Lice Remover: The Most Effective Solution for Lice Removal

It’s quite natural to get upset or panic if you happen to discover that your child or anyone else at home has head lice. Over time, they can spread quickly and multiply in number, causing severe itching. You would obviously want a lice removal remedy that works fast - the sooner, the better.

From the conventional combs to chemical treatments, you may come across many remedies to get rid of lice. However, not all of these are effective. One of the most advanced and effective solutions for this problem is to use an electric head lice remover. 

Get Rid of Lice and Nits Without Harmful Chemicals

Electric lice remover is a natural way to get rid of lice and nits (lice eggs) without using harmful chemicals or pesticides like the ones used in lice shampoos, which can be harsh on the scalp and skin. 

This compact and ergonomic device employs combing and vacuuming, while capturing the lice and nits into disposable filters

Effective Lice Treatment

User-friendly and simple, this electric comb is an allergy-free and reusable treatment method that is safe and gentle  to use on children or adults. 

The stainless steel-toothed and rounded comb uses suction power to glide smoothly across your scalp, while gently and smoothly lifting lice and nits. You can adjust it to a comb or rake position for utmost comfort depending on the length of hair. 

Once the lice and nits are captured into the disposable filter, you can simply detach it and dispose. 

What You Should Know Before Using an Electric Lice Remover?

Here are a few more things you should know before using this magical lice remover:

  • Use this comb on dry hair for the best results.
  • Lice tends to remain close to the scalp, but for effective results, ensure to use this comb through to the ends of hair. 
  • You can use this comb for getting rid of dandruff as well.

Using Electric Head Lice Remover

Here’s how you can use this lice removal comb:

  • Fix a fresh capture filter to the head of the lice removal comb and refix the comb head to the main body. 
  • Run the comb through your scalp to the hair ends. 
  • Once you're done running it all through, detach the filter from the comb and snap the lid close before disposing. 

With this electric head lice remover at your disposal, you don’t have to look for any other anti-lice remedy. Lice removal could never get easier than this!

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