A Guide to Using Iron Steamer for Clothes

A Guide to Using Iron Steamer for Clothes

An iron steamer for clothes is an excellent alternative to the conventional iron box. You don’t even have to set up your ironing board every time you want to remove wrinkles from clothes. However, you should know the right way to use a steamer if you have to get the most out of it. 

An iron steamer is a handy device that uses high-temperature steam to smooth out clothes and get rid of wrinkles. Many individuals prefer to use a steamer over an iron box as it poses less risk of damaging clothes and eliminating wrinkles is also easier. Here’s a quick guide that can walk you through proper usage of this device. 

Hang the Clothes for Effective Steaming

The notable difference between steaming and ironing is in the process of cloth preparation. While ironing generally involves placing garments flat on a board, steaming works best when you hang the clothes. 

To get optimal results, suspend the garment from a wooden door or a glass shower wall and start the steaming process from the top while working your way down. 

Allow the Steamer to Heat Up Completely 

Iron steamers generally have a quick heat-up time. You may be tempted to start the steaming process as soon as the initial steam wisps emerge from the nozzle. But, wait for the device to fully reach the operating temperature and then steam your garments. This ensures an effective and consistent flow of steam that quickly gets rid of wrinkles.

Once you see the initial steam wisp, you can wait for another minute or so to ensure optimal performance. 

Use Distilled or Purified Water

Check the product manual to know the kind of water recommended for your specific device model. Most steamers need distilled water to be used for optimal performance. 

Using other types of water can be deterring to the performance of the appliance and damaging to your clothes. For instance, well water may have high levels of minerals or iron, which may possibly cause discoloration of your clothes during the process of steaming or clog the internal parts of the appliance. 

It’s recommended to use distilled water or purified water as it is safe. 

Knowing how to properly use an iron steamer for clothes can make a great difference on the longevity and appearance of your clothing. So, make the best out of this versatile appliance and experience the benefits of wrinkle-free, well-maintained garments. 

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